Aug 6, 2015

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Fast Food Fever: How Modern “Western Diets” Affect Your Health

Food is not just meant to satisfy your crazy craving or hunger. From the scientific point of view, it should be used in boosting your health. You will be shocked by the latest revelation that the scientists have regarding the food that many people are eating today. Do you really know what the ingredients are in what you call food? This revelation has been a real shocker to many.

According to the experts from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease at the United States NIH, the popularly modern “western diets” is a huge threat to human health. From the scientific facts derived from the research done on this diet, it has been identified as the main cause of the many medical complications, ailing many today. According to the experts, this diet is composed of various ingredients including sugar, fats, and salt. These three ingredients can be fatal to your health if their intake is not regulated. Unfortunately, this is the case with the modern ‘western diets’. The majority of the brands are not regulated at all. But what food is categorized as the ‘western diet’? The category includes foods with a high concentration of saturated and omega-6 acids, lower omega-3 fat intake, high intakes of refined sugars and carbohydrates.

Modern “Western diets” also referred to as the fast food has been confirmed to be responsible for the skyrocketing health complications. In a nutshell, this type of food that is gaining much popularity leads to poor body immunity, increased inflammatory risk conditions, autoimmunity, and allergy. Besides that, this diet has also been found to code the human DNA and gut bacterial thus passing the poor immune functions to your children. It is the reason some kids are born with conditions that are unexplainable.

One of the noticeable conditions that are well illustrated under modern “western diets” research is obesity. The skyrocketing obesity rates are blamed on the poor immunity resulting from the modern ‘western diet’. The explanation given is that obesity results from fatty cells releasing inflammatory substances that are triggered by consumption of modern “western diets”.

Other medical conditions including the lifestyles diseases can be traced to this research from modern “western diets”. Be very careful about what you eat and avoid taking snacks or the food that are categorized as modern “western diets” in large amount. If possible, avoid this type of diet and if you must, take the brands that have been certified to have healthy levels of salts, sugar and fats only.

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