Aug 5, 2015

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Google’s New App To Help You Know Your Calorie Count

It has been a menace for ages, but now Google has come to the rescue. Google has been working night and day to help us relax and worrying less about our calorie count. It is obvious that being able to lose body weight and maintain a healthy weight solely depends on one’s ability to check what you eat.

With Google wanting to make your life stress free with the invention of Im2Calories Calorie robot.


Almost everybody pays attention to the number of calories that they eat. Readily available to them is the nutritional tags on different food packages or spending more time on the net trying to download apps where they can have to put the kind of food and its quantity manually.

By simply taking a picture of the food, the robot will be able to calculate the amount of calories available in the food that you are about to eat. The robot will calculate the calories in the food in relation to the size of a plate they are contained.


With this advanced technology of interpreting the calories on food with the help of a robot. This will be the best and most technological way of doing the food calculations to master the calories content of our meals just by taking a photo. The other ice breaking fact is the fact that the photo must not be taken by a high-resolution camera for conclusive results. Flickr who are the earlier inventions to help know the amount of calories in our meals are working day and night to come up with a better and more efficient calories calculating system that will be as convenient as the Google Im2Calories.


With the commencement of the robot work, it will mean that we will have a healthier nation. The fact everybody has their phones with them everywhere, one will easily be able to take a photo for the food they are about to take and promptly they will get the results of the calories count. It doesn’t get easier than this, does it?

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