Jun 8, 2015

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Having Problems Counting Your Calories? Google Can Help

A big part of being able to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight lies solely on your ability to monitor what you eat. In most instances, the only way that you can be able to achieve this is by monitoring the number of calories that you consume which in some instances can be a pain. However, Google is hoping to make things easier with their Im2Calories calorie measuring robot.

For most people who pay particular attention to the number of calories that they eat, the methods that are available to them is relying on the nutritional labels on different food packages or downloading apps where they have to put the kind of food and its quantity manually for the app to be able to calculate the number of calories they are consuming.

Google hopes to change this trend with their new technology. By simply taking a picture of what you are eating, the robots will be able to identify what is on your plate, calculate its quantity in relation to the size of the plate and give you accurate information on the amount of calories that are contained.

While Google already has robots that have learned to recognize certain pictures which is evidenced by the release of their new Google Photos app, they are hoping to take the highly-intelligent learning robots to another level. The pictures that the robots will scan will not need to be taken in high-resolution or even specially taken. You can use a normal picture or even an Instagram and the robot will be able to get the job done from there.

Competitors like Flickr are already high at work trying to launch similar technology that works intelligently in this way, but it is not expected to work in the same manner as Google’s Im2Calories.

With the unveiling of the robot, measuring of calories will be much simpler and more portable. Users will be able to take photos of what they are eating, from anywhere, at anytime and anyplace and get real-time calculations on the number of calories they are eating.

With the war on weight and obesity in high gear, Google could not have chosen a better time for them to launch a product that would be so helpful in assisting others to attain their health and fitness goals.

The best thing about the Im2Calories is that it is designed to think and understand like humans. Therefore, as time goes, they will get better as it uses the feedback given by the humans to tell what is wrong and what is right. Because of this aspect, Google emphasizes that the system does not need to be accurate in the beginning but only good enough to get people to use it and from there it will get better with time.

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