Jun 3, 2015

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Heavy Opposition Against Genetically Modified Food Transpires Across The Globe

For the past two weeks, there has been heavy opposition in different cities across the globe, with participants heavily discouraging genetically modified food. On the 23rd of May 2015, thousands of activists and protestors marched in the streets of different cities in the world in order to air their disapproval on Genetically Modified Food. Among the cities where the mentioned protests transpired include Santiago, Los Angeles, Ouagadougou, and many others.
The problem is that the majority of scientists and experts across the globe believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with Genetically Modified Foods. This is the main reason why they have been exerting equal force to ensure that GM foods are allowed. In fact, a recent poll indicated that over 90% of scientists across the globe are in agreement with Genetically Modified Foods. On the other hand, only 37% of general public is backing the push to legalize genetically modified foods. The weak number of public who are in agreement with the legalization of GMO foods is the main reason why specialists find it necessary to encourage the consumption of the same.
According to a research done by the largest Research and Science body in US, Genetically modified foods are generally safe. Other research bodies across the globe have also brought forth similar sentiments. This is the main source of pressure between members of the public and research bodies.
A major question has been raised on whether or not to embrace the direction that technology is taking. There are worries that if Genetically Modified foods are embraced, the health of consumers may be at risk. The global agribusiness and industrial food sector may also be affected drastically if GM foods were embraced. These are some of the concerns that have compelled people to take to the streets in order to oppose the legalization of GM foods.
Pamela Ronald, an international food expert, argues that humans have been consuming genetically modified foods for ages now. She says that crops have been undergoing modification for a considerably long time. She therefore terms the move to bar the legalization of GM foods as a futile mission.
Pamela even cites that the Greeks improvised grafting long time back. In short, her stand is that human beings have been taking GM Foods for a long time. David Ropeik, another international food consultant, argues that people are not rational about the potential risk in taking GM foods. He advocates heavily for maintenance of normal foods and not those that are modified.

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