May 8, 2015

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Governor Cummo says Food Industry Wages Should be Reviewed

Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York has called for an increase in the current wages in the food industry saying that the wages paid to workers in this industry was a “violation of the American promise”. He told the state labor commissioner to institute a panel that will give a recommendation in a couple of months on what should be done.

“There is a need to raise the minimum wage in order to fulfill the American promise,” Cuomo said to a crowd of several hundreds of union members gathered at a rally in Manhattan. “ We need to give workers in the food industry a safe, clean and decent way to live dignity beyond poverty,” he added.

Fast food workers have been calling for an increase in their minimum wages for the last couple of years. The fast food workers want the minimum wage raised to $ 15 an hour, but nothing much has been done to effect the proposal.

Speaking to reporters later on, Cuomo said that he will use his executive powers to make sure the workers demands are met. The Legislature did not approve his call to increase the minimum wage to $ 11.50 in New York City and $ 10.50 in other parts within New York, despite the proposal being part of the budget. However, the workers may have it their way if Cuomo fulfills his promise. Recommendations from the wage panel can be implemented without the approval of the Legislature.

Cuomo advised the panel that an increase the minimum wage for workers in the food industry will in turn benefit the taxpayers saying that most lowly paid workers depended on assistance from the public to make ends meet.

“What we are discussing is about the state of affairs that has led to our economy dealing with wage fraud from companies that do not want to increase the minimum wage,” said Cuomo. “We are talking about employee extortion. It is all about corporate responsibility and misappropriation of public funds. This is a serious violation of the American promise” added Cuomo.

Shantel Walker, who works in the fast food industry, has been calling for a higher wage in the last two years and was happy that the wage panel was put together. She says that irrespective of what the commission recommends, she won’t relent until the minimum wage is raised to $ 15 per hour.

With the Governor seemingly involved in the issue, Shantel and others working in the same industry can now hope for a brighter days.

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