Apr 10, 2015

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Flipdish to Launch Fast Food Ordering App for iPhone and Apple Smart Watch

Flipdish, an Irish company that was founded in 2014 by brothers James and Conor McCarthy, has developed a fast food application that will allow its users to make orders just by using their phones or smartwatches. This app lists all fast food restaurants within the user’s locality, complete with restaurant menus, prices and order deliveries. All this can be done in as little as two taps.

This app was born after Conor McCarthy became fed up with all the details he had to include every time he was making an order. He said, “Having to enter your address, or your credit card number, every time you place an order really frustrates me.” According to the brother duo, they wanted an application that was not only functional, but that was a pleasure to use. Furthermore, they wanted an application that would be faster than any other existing food app in order to entice users to use it.

These brothers have ten years worth of experience in the technology industry between the two of them. Before they developed the application, they did extensive research to find out what kind of features users looked for in an application.

Features of the Flipdish application:

Apple Pay- this is a digital wallet service and mobile payment system that allows Apple user to make payments for their purchases. Integrating this into the Flipdish application will ensure that users will not have to keep entering their personal details each time they place an order for food.

Food genres- it does not matter whether you are a vegetarian or are on a Paleo diet, the Flipdish application will enable you to filter through restaurants’ menus to find food that is relevant to you.
Geolocation- this application pinpoints where users are on a map, meaning that they will no longer have to enter their physical address or have to log in each time they make an order.

Previous orders- this application stores previous orders made by users, meaning if they have a particular favorite, it would be easy to locate. Previous orders are listed at the very top, allowing users to order the same, if they wish.

Two taps- ordering has never been made simpler. The Flipdish application allows users to make an order in as little as two taps.
This application will be available in the App Store in July this year. It is intended for people who want less hassle when it comes to placing an order for food.

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