Mar 30, 2015

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Sixty-Second Overview on the Mysteries of the Doughnut


No historian or otherwise can come to a consensus on the origin of the doughnut, but it is clear that this doughy dish of delight first came to America in the mid 19th century from the Dutch. Back then, doughnuts were called olykoeks, or oil cakes. These early doughnuts were basic balls of dough which were fried in pork fat.

There was a problem of cooking the middle of the ball of dough which would cook slow due to its dense structure. Some claim an American captain by the name of Hansen Gregory solved this issue by punching the hole out of the middle of the ball. Not only did it allow the middle to cook properly, but it flattened out the dough ball into the shape it is known for today.

But what about the name? It began as a “doughnut”, and quickly transitioned through laziness into “donut”. Some claim that before Gregory discovered the hole, nuts were put in the dough to help it cook faster. Other historians argue that it doughnut refers to “dough knots”, a form used for the Dutch oil cakes previous to the dough ball.

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