Sep 28, 2012

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What’s new on the London food scene?

What’s new on the London food scene?

Even born and bred Londoners get their fair share of surprises in the city. With so much space to explore across the capital you can be sure of a few new openings every day let alone every week; meaning no matter how well you know an area you will always be kept on your toes. So, we’ve decided to pick out a few of our new favourites to keep you up to date with what London has to offer. Well for today anyway.

Beard to Tail

Ever been to Shoreditch bar Callooh Callay? Well this new establishment in Curtain Road is run by the same people and offers up a dinner to die for.  Not top choice for vegetarians, this restaurant/bar is all about meat – or more specifically, pork. No part of the animal will be wasted here with dishes such as bearded pig cheeks proving the point. After dinner wander over the bar where you’ll be free to follow up your feast with a few speciality whiskies and bourbon-based cocktails.

House of Wolf

House of Wolf is a first for London, and let’s face it, it’s not very often that happens. The only establishment ever created to host a permanent series of pop-up chefs, this Islington restaurant will always have something new on the menu. Designed according to a Victorian Music Hall aesthetic, the dining room is adjoined by an Apothecary Bar and an entertainment series of music hall cabaret. Set to open on the 5th October, make sure to book up a table sharpish.

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