Sep 26, 2012

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Nigella Lawson launches new TV series Nigellissima

Nigella Lawson launches new TV series Nigellissima

When it comes to cooking few manage to squeeze as much sex into the kitchen as Nigella Lawson. A domestic goddess she surely is and in her new TV series Nigella, or Nigellissima, calls on the Italians for inspiration. Recalling her formative years spent working as a chambermaid at a hotel in Florence, the new TV series takes us through easy, Italian-inspired (if not authentic Italian) recipes – all prepared in signature seductive Nigella style. Thankfully, this series has been toned down a little bit since her last and whilst she’s lost none of her sultry charm, the innuendo is at least a little less obvious meaning women as well as men can watch and enjoy this programme. As for the food itself, it’s not exactly rocket science and many of the dishes seem a little too gimmicky given their simple Italian routes, yet there are plenty of time efficient, family-friendly/post-work recipes up for grabs. And queen of the desserts she most certainly is – anyone with a sweet tooth should pay close attention to Nigella’s latest creations.

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