Sep 23, 2012

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A new approach to Peruvian food

A new approach to Peruvian food

Any London based foodie cannot have failed to notice that Peruvian food has become a bit of a big thing. Everywhere you look new ceviche bars and Peruvian food joints are springing up across the city in what is beginning to look like more than simply the latest food fad. The people of London love ceviche; and as more than a fleeting food trend. With the spotlight firmly set of South America it has got people thinking about what Peruvian food looks like in its country of origin. Are we lucky Londoners actually experiencing authentic Peruvian cuisine or merely a series of dishes adapted so as to appeal to the British palate? We’ve been looking to the modern Peruvian food scene in search of answers, and thankfully we’ve found a similar food revolution occurring on the streets of Lima. Like the new generation of ceviche-themes eateries in London, Lima is also in the midst of crafting a more modern approach to classic Peruvian dishes. Local delicacies such as the traditional seafood salad served across Latin America have been given a contemporary twist by hot new food joints like Amaz – Pedro Miguel Schiaffino’s new Amazonian restaurant in Lima. Serving up a range of local favourites with a distinct 21st century flare, it appears we have inherited a new approach to Peruvian food that thankful comes from the grass roots of Peru’s own food scene.

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