Sep 16, 2012

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Top Food Trends 2012

Top Food Trends 2012

Food trends are often no more than a passing fad, but every now and again you get a wave of culinary movements that are set to stick around. Granted they may not survive in the same blockbusting format, but if it’s a good food trend then chances are people won’t want to give it up. With this in mind we’ve selected some of our favourite current top food trends of 2012 in the hope that they’ll survive for years to come.


Top Food Trends 2012


Burgers – Food Trend

Ok so this is nothing new. However the world of burgers has undergone something of a revolution as of late with more and more gourmet burger kitchens opening up across an array of major international cities. Gone are the days of overcooked, over processed meat sandwiched between soggy buns. Hurrah. And the chips are pretty darn good too.


Ceviche – Food Trend

London is awash with Central and South American cuisine and ceviche bars are cropping up across ever corner of the city. We feel this is a very good thing. Not only is it healthy and wonderfully fresh tasting, but it also serves as a mighty good hangover cure – especially when served with a Pisco Sour or two.


Food Foraging – Food Trend

The Food Foraging phenomenon is one that we weren’t quite sure about at first. After all how user-friendly can this be? Thankfully a range of influential chefs have now taken the trend under their wing and are doing all the hard work for us; producing some incredibly inventive cuisine as they go. From fungi to flora, the world of food foraging is far more appealing than it sounds.


Gin – Food Trend

The quintessentially British drink, it is hard to see how gin can ever be anything other than wonderful. And now that we’re seeing boutique gin businesses springing up with increasingly regularity it looks as if we’re in for a few more treats. Give new gin brand Sipsmith a try and you’ll see what we mean.

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