Sep 15, 2012

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The London Street Food Awards

The London Street Food Awards

The annual London Street Food Awards seeks to identify the cream of the crop of street food vendors. The street food phenomenon is one that has now reached almost all of the world’s major cities. Over in London though it has felt like a long time coming. Only a few years ago the only options readily available when it came to street-side snacks were late night (almost certainly drunken) kebabs, greasy hotdogs cooked on dimly-lit street corners and perhaps at Christmas a bag of roasted chestnuts. Thankfully now London is a changed place and an array of street-side culinary gems have appeared. And we Londoners show our appreciation for this advent of fantastic fast food with the London Street Food Awards!


Set to take place this year on the 15th and 16th September just outside Jamie Oliver’s restaurant Fifteen, The London Street Food Awards will see an array of innovative and exciting menus displayed alongside live music, DJ sets and a fair few cocktails. The founder of the awards Richard Jonson is a TV food critic and advocated the importance of street food in shaping the way in which people approach food as well as in allowing for greater creativity in the food world as people do away with the financial burdens that come with running a restaurant.

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