Sep 11, 2012

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Blanca New Brooklyn Restaurant From Roberta’s Team

Blanca New Brooklyn Restaurant From Roberta’s Team

Set in the deepest depths of Bushwick in Brooklyn, Blanca may just be one of the hardest restaurants to get a table reservation in all of New York City. The new Brooklyn restaurant named Blanca offers only a tasting menu at a set price of $180 a head for 21-35 mini courses.


From the team behind Bushwick’s favorite pizzeria, Roberta’s, Blanca’s food is perfectly executed.  Although the food at the new Blanca restaurant is relatively simple, it appears in a never-ending stream of beautifully presented and expertly balanced dishes.  The head chef at Blanca is also the head chef at Roberta’s – a self-taught talent who never fails to impress with his culinary skills.


All produce used at Blanca is of the top quality and prepared so as not to disguise its inherent all-natural flavor – something that’s particularly important when you’re being served caviar and goat’s milk granita. Other favorite dishes included sweet giant clam served with Tuscan melon and also the San Diego sea urchin with tofu, lemon gremolata and sea rocket. If imaginative and innovative flavor combinations served up with perfect simplicity is your thing, then our advice would be to join the reservation list at Blanca as soon as possible…it might be a while before your table becomes available.


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