Aug 23, 2012

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Jenny Dawson Turns Food Waste Into Social Enterprise

Jenny Dawson Turns Food Waste Into Social Enterprise

Founder of social enterprise company “Rubies in the Rubble” Jenny Dawson has turned her attention to tackling food waste in an ambitious new project. Having just won first prize in the UK social enterprise competition run by ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s, Dawson is committed to coming up with an ingenious new way of combating the problem of food waste alongside another equally important cause; helping to find employment opportunities for impoverished women. Recently Dawson took to the streets of Spitalfields in east London and opened up a commercial kitchen selling homemade soups made from produce sourced from local fresh fruit and vegetable markets that would otherwise go to waste for lack of buyers. Identifying the importance of paying at least a small amount for the supplies (even though they could be acquired for free) in order to build good relations with traders that are sustainable well into the future, the new kitchen is part community effort, part business. Despite starting small the idea is to open more kitchens across other areas of London before expanding into other major cities such as Glasgow, Bristol and Manchester. Although the range of soups on sale is currently quite limited Dawson hope to expand the menu as well as the area in which the kitchens are based, eventually moving out of the UK and into other areas of the globe.


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