Aug 20, 2012

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The Rochelle Canteen – London’s Hidden Food Spot

The Rochelle Canteen – London’s Hidden Food Spot

All true London foodies that know all of London’s hidden food spots will at some point have visited St John.  St John is a pioneer in the nose-to-tail movement run by Fergus Henderson. The talk of the London food scene is that Fergus Henderson’s wife, Margot Henderson, is doing something equally exciting in a former school shed is the heart of Shoreditch.


Margot’s Rochelle Canteen is not your average restaurant and is certainly not the kind of establishment you simply stumble upon. To get to this hidden food spot you have to know exactly where you’re going. in order to sample the delights of this particular kitchen, you have to make your way over to an unassuming door marked “Boys,” ring the bell and wait to be admitted into culinary heaven.


However, assuming you do find your way here, you will never ever struggle to remember where it is again as after your first mouthful the directions will be miraculously etched into your brain. A favorite amongst creative and foodies alike, The Rochelle Canteen offers up incredible, innovative and ambitious food in the unpretentious surroundings of a former school yard and is only open on weekdays for lunch. Not one you are likely to find in the guide books, and certainly not for the timid of heart, The Rochelle Canteen is food mecca for those serious about their gastronomic endeavors.


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